Camping @ Crater Lake


         I was born along a ring of fire, and the evidence abounds.  Volcanoes, lava fields, earthquakes, and so much more, remind me of the inferno that burns beneath my feet.  Amongst the reminders, a blue-pristine lake tells me the truth of a long forgotten eruption.

         It was there, beneath the lake’s icy blue water that I found myself drifting as I looked up at a barrier separating two realms.  Slowly my eyes closed, then they opened and I awoke from a dream in my tent at Crater Lake.  Did I experience a Native American vision quest?  Perhaps, it was just that.  Then again, maybe it was just a remnant of the thunderstorm that rolled overhead hours earlier.  Possibly, it was just ghosts enacting an ancient August ritual.

         It was then that I knew camping at Crater Lake was, is, and always will be more than just an ordinary camping trip.  Fire, s’mores, sleeping bags, family, a tent, sure it was all there—but what made it just that much more?  It could only be the lake.

         Born nearly 8,000 years ago, Crater Lake is the remnant of an ancient volcano.  More ancient than the Coliseum, the pyramids, or anything else that man has built, yet young compared to the four-and-a-half billion year history of the Earth—the Lake lies silent, yet speaks of the past so eloquently.

         What better location is there to spend a night beneath the stars, next to a fire, and away from the municipalities of the world?  It was there, with my mind at ease, that I began to see the truth of the lake and, oh, so much more….


4 responses to this post.

  1. Stunning location. Scenery like this is my favourite. I’m very much a lakes and mountains kinda girl.


    • Posted by Cody McCullough on October 4, 2014 at 10:32 am

      Being by a lake, or on a mountain always seems to make me feel happy. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Thanks for taking me there! 🙂


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