Favorite Places: Victoria, B.C.

Victoria 1 (2)

         Memories slowly fade away with time.  Some, however, carve a niche in one’s subconscious mind and patiently wait to surface when the time is right.  It has been more than a few years since we visited Victoria, British Columbia.  As always seems to happen, the memories of our time there have slowly receded like the tide rolling away from the coast after having reached it’s apex.  Then one day a crisp ocean breeze caresses my skin and my mind travels back to forgotten days – to the niche – to Victoria.

         I have visited many places in the Pacific Northwest, but few have carved a permanent niche in my subconscious like Victoria.  One of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest, Victoria has a historic charm mixed with Canadian hospitality.  Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria is one of Canada’s top tourist destinations and for good reason.  The city definitely has a lot to offer.

         Having crossed the Strait of Juan de Fuca by ferry, we arrived in Victoria on a midsummer day.  Stepping off the ferry, our eyes were immediately drawn to the architecture of the Empress Hotel and the Legislative Building.  Soon we found ourselves trekking around the inner harbour and downtown.  One of the highlights of our trip was exploring the second oldest Chinatown in North America.  While in Chinatown, we had fun strolling down Fan Tan Alley, which is reportedly the world’s narrowest street.

         As always happens, though, our vacation eventually came to a close.  Our memories of Victoria, however, have yet to subside completely.  Existing in a niche in each of our minds, the city patiently waits to materialize in our imaginations when the time is right and the crisp ocean air blows gently against our skin.



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  1. It looks like a great place to visit Cody. 🙂


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